St John Zambia believes that we can not work on our own and it is only through successful partnerships that we will be able to fully achieve our mission and vision.

St John Zambia works closely with the Ministry of Health and ensures that all its community health programmes are in line with Government priorities. Our volunteers and staff are all trained to the standards required by law.

St John Zambia works closely with the International School in Lusaka as well as the Red Cross and other non-governmental organisations.

St John Zambia also has a long standing relationship with St John in Wales. Through this link St John Wales have been able to support us with training and equipment and the partnerships enables us to learn and share ideas with each other.

Thanks to all our partners who include:

  • The Office of the President
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Youth, Sport and Child Development
  • Zambia Police
  • DMMU
  • GIDD
  • British Airways
  • Barclays